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About Us

The Firm

MESSRS. HIKMAH KHALID & CO. (HKC) was established on 1st June 2014 in Kuala Lumpur with aim to become one established legal firm delivering practical and effective legal solutions to a large cross-section of the business community and to achieve outstanding success in the years to come.

The Partners

The partners believe in the pooling of resources, consolidating and developing the knowledge and expertise of partners so that their collective expertise and knowledge can benefit all clients of the firm. The partners maintain overall responsibility to clients and continually monitor the quality of all legal work that is entrusted to them.

“To be a well-established legal firm in Kuala Lumpur /Selangor and become the proud panel lawyer to three Banks with an ability to meet the monthly and annual target by providing the best solution for the Clients need within the turnaround time”.

Throughout 5 years period of HKC establishment, we took the time to monitor and enhance every aspect that would become the essence of The Firm, whereby we believed that good team with good values and hard work are the essence of what makes the company to achieve the vision which was set as the head of The Firm.

In HKC we strive to deliver practical and effective legal solutions to all members of the community seeking legal assistance. By adhering to strict guiding principles and adopting a global outlook, we deliver values, trust, integrity and commitment.


To become a reputable law establishment known for its excellent client service and satisfaction, ever striving for improvement.


Humanity, Integrity, Trust and Commitment are four prominent values that we live up to throughout our operation of business and services.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Currently, the firm is covered by professional indemnity insurance of RM 5,000,000.00 on a net aggregate claim basis. No claims have been made against the partners, or the firm or against the firm’s insurance policy. Notwithstanding, we do review the practice standards and risk management policies so that clients and the firm are adequately covered at all times, and that we never have to utilize our coverage.

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